Our Story

If you’re always searching
for the latest and greatest way to live a zero-waste lifestyle without all the hassle, then you have to stop by here at Wat The Drop often. Our concept is a simple one – we sell a limited collection of zero-waste and eco-friendly
products otherwise known as a “drop.”  

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  • Solve That Pains

    At Wat The Drop, we aim to solve those pain points you experience with other products through innovative solutions that help you shift toward a zero-waste lifestyle.

  • Support Zero-Waste Lifestyle

    We believe even making just one zero-waste change is better than doing nothing at all.

    And the smallest swap to one of these products adds up to a better future for our world.

Join The Female-Owned Business Tribe

We’re also committed to
supporting small, female-owned businesses. We choose their eco-friendly products to help women flourish in the world, while ensuring our world can continue to blossom by making these small and meaningful changes.

We hope you’ll join us in improving the world while you improve your life, one drop at a time.

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